“MEMOIRS” – True Life Stories of 9 First-class Graduates (The LAUNCH)

Hello, my name is Debby Yinka WONDERS and I promise that this is important to you!!!

Well who is Debby Wonders and why are you getting this message?

So it’s either you are a young person,
You are a Parent or Grandparent,
You Mentor and Counsel young people, you Pastor young people, you love young people or at least you must just know some young people!

And by “young people” I mean Students, Undergraduates.

I just oversaw the writing of this new Book called “MEMOIRS – True Life Stories of Nine First-class Graduates” and I think it is very important you hear about it before we Launch.

In December 2015, over Twenty (20) First-class Graduates from several institutions within and outside Nigeria, came together to share the stories of their journey with others…

Due to many challenges, all twenty could not write. However nine of these graduates have successfully uncovered some mind-blowing information.

This Book inspiring book “MEMOIRS” contains their Techniques, their Challenges, the role of their Parents& Friends, their Relationships, their Victories &how they graduated with First-class Honors, as Best International Student, Departmental Best, Faculty Best, Valedictorians &Overall Best Graduating Students of Universities in and out of Nigeria.

More photos when you continue…

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