Listen Guys, Women Secretly Hate These Three Foreplay Moves…Don’t Do It

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You desire to make your woman happy as a man? Then, you must read these foreplay moves to avoid.

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According to Dailystar, sexologist and sexuality educator, Lisa Hochberger Sadi has revealed that foreplay is an integral part of a romance that leads to good s*x.

“Foreplay allows a person to feel sought after, desired and wanted. It also allows a person to desire, want, even need their partner.

“Foreplay represents the part of the s*xual script where partners are pleasing one another.

“Learning what feels good, great, even euphoric and learning what does not.

“It is the part of the s*xual experience that allows a couple to grow closer and connect on a physical and emotional level.”

Don’t play with foreplay. However, when doing it, make sure you are doing it the right way. To help you, help her, here are three no-nos when it comes to foreplay.

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