Teenager Explains Why He Doesn’t Like Being A Christian…

I’m 20 years old living with my family and going to school from home so I still depend on my parents. For about 2 years now I haven’t believed in my family’s religion. I’m not the type to bring up arguments or be annoying about why I don’t believe it. I really don’t give a shit about people’s religious beliefs anyway. My Dad is a Pastor and we are all involved in church activities, myself inclusive. I’m part of the ushers and I would look at everyone in the congregation and realize that I’m the only one in the building who doesn’t belong.  Going to church is boring and pointless to me, I hate going along with stuff and pretending like I’m a Christian just like everyone else. I feel like a genuinely bad person for doing this. 
Sorry this was kind of an unorganized , I just want  to get this off my chest. I don’t know.

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