How to Lighten Your Skin Without Using Bleaching Cream

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beauty-girlBeauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. A common way of accessing the beauty of a person is by how flawless the skin looks. Many people especially ladies put much effort in maintaining a flawless skin, some even go as far as buying harmful and very expensive products to achieve their goal. While buying of lightening cream isn’t bad, from research they have been found to contain a compound called hydroquinone which is a causative agent for skin cancer.

I bring you good news, you don’t have to worry again about how to lighten your skin and its financial implication. Do you know you can lighten your skin with the food you eat? Yes you can, two advantages of using this method is that it is relatively cheap and it is an healthy alternative compared to using chemical laden products.

Let’s begin:


Honey helps in bleaching the skin and also acts as a moisturiser. This is quite different from what some toning cream does, they bleach but do not moisturise the skin. Honey also contains antibacterial substance that can help fade acne spots.


Apply pure honey on your face and other part of your body you desire to lighten. Leave the mask for 20-25 minutes after which you wash with lukewarm water. Ensure you do this on a daily basis. After 7 days, do a reappraisal. I can assure you that your skin will glow and also look fresh.

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