How To Apply Gel Liner Like A Pro



There are a million reasons to love gel liner—it’s the most opaque liner out there, it stays on without a smudge, and you can create an ultra precise, dramatic line. But lining your eyes with gel is a little different than with powder or pencil. Here’s how:

STEP1: Start with a slim and tapered, synthetic bristle brush. If you don’t use a synthetic version, the gel could ruin your brush.

STEP 2: Dip the tip of the brush into the pot to capture the gel. Bring the brush up the sides of the pot to remove any clumps.

STEP 3: Apply the liner very close to the lash line from the outer corner in. If there’s a gap between the eyeliner and your lash line, fill it in with extra liner.

STEP 4: Open your eyes and look to see if you need to make the line thicker (it’s totally up to you). If so, layer the liner and extend outward.

STEP 5: If you want to line your lower lashline, forgo gel and use powder in the same shade as the gel liner that you used. Gel is best for lining your upper lashline.

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