Demons control churches where women preach on the altar – GO, Acts of Apostles church

Rev. John Ayodele Oluwashola is the General Overseer of Acts of Apostles. He explained why women are not allowed to mount the altar in his ministry in a very interesting interview with DailyIndependent. Excerpts:

How did your journey as a clergy start?
I used to be an usher in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), when Pa Akindayomi was still alive. The ministry started in 1974 after God appeared to me and said I should rise and sing the
old song in a hymn book. Then I answered that I do not know how to sing the hymn and he gave me the booklet to sing the sixth song.

Then I saw the Cherub with the flute on the page of the booklet God gave me. When I started singing it, the room broadened and gave way to a church. Then God told me to appoint treasurer and secretary. Then He gave me a coat and said I should not wear a collar. This is where I got the name of the ministry, Acts of Apostles.

On my way somewhere one day, God also opened my eyes to see two angels who asked me the kind of training I want to undergo to become a cleric. They gave me three tubers of yam, one of the tubers was peeled and cooked, the second was placed on fire while the third was put in the middle of coal and the angels asked me which of them I preferred. So I replied that I preferred the one in between coals of fire, because that was the best way I preferred taking yam.

So they interpreted to me that it will involve a Jehovah training which will last 20 years while the other two are pastor training for three years and missionary training for five years.

God spoke to me that I have chosen the type of training that I want but He will not allow me to commence the training until I have passed the interview. That He does not show anyone favour.

In the spirit we were fifty in number, out of which only 12 people passed the written test, of which I happened to be among. Then for the oral interview, we were asked what we can do for Christ. I answered that I will love Christ more than anything in this world.

The second question was that if Christ will come back what will I ask of Him? So I said I will want Christ to take me home. Out of the 50 people that took the oral test, it was I and another person that passed the exam.

So we had another hurdle to pass, which is to ensure our bodies do not touch the iron hurdles, some failed but God gave me wisdom to bend the iron bars so as to pass. Then I was given a piece of paper to take to the next phase which was a hall with an ambassador of Christ that explained that the iron hurdle represents my wife, children and family. That in doing God’s work I must ensure I strike a balance and do not allow any of them to disturb my service to God.

So another test came up, and I was offered hot drink and tobacco but I declined and said I will only be charged by the Holy Ghost and fire. From there I was clothed with a spiritual garment and was handled a Bible.

Then I woke up that was how I started my spiritual training that lasted for 20 years. It was like an educational institution. Every night when I sleep I will be woken up and then a board will appear before me.

I had school uniform and was taught several subjects, English Language, Mathematics, Geography and the likes. The English in the spiritual school centered on how best to approach people. Mathematics was about how best to relate with people. Geography was about locating your members. I was also taught Kung Fu and wrestling.

I was also taken to the Army barracks and trained on how to war. Years later I was made a professor and was made a field marshal after I fought and overcame Satan in a combat. Before fighting with Satan, I fought demons and a particular woman in the church in the spirit. I remember when I went to Port Harcourt then a young woman walked up to me and accused me of being wicked because I do not give women seat in the church.

You mean women do not make up part of the leaders of this ministry?
I do not mean we do not have women who are leaders here, but I mean I do not allow women to sit or go close to the altar not even my wife.

Why is this so?
It is so because God did not instruct me to do so. When He gave me the 12 names of those to appoint as leaders to sit on the altar with me, he did not include the name of any woman nor reveal any to me. I cannot give chance for a woman to come and sit together with a man on the altar. These people are Acts of Apostles. God gave them to me to assist in preparing people for the second coming of Christ.

One day when I was praying, God gave me victory over a woman that wanted to lock me up in between her thighs, particularly her private part. After that day, an eagle entered into my body and the angel passed a bell to my body through my mouth. I tell you anyone a woman succeeds to have in her private part, will be empty and powerless. He will only be saying God called me, but believe me that the person has already been rendered useless. Again demons easily take control of the church where a woman is allowed access to the altar.

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