Death Psychic: I am Always Able to Predict People’s Death


I’m scared.. i have proven myself to detect death to a certain person/s when i see them. i have been in this kind of situation for several years now. i had more than 10 people detected their death is coming and they are all gone.. some are friends and some are not. they either died because of health problem or accidents or suicide. i can’t tell when or how are they goin to die but i can detect death is coming to them. i don’t know how i was able to do this. it will just come out of my mouth when i see the person but it will only be me who can hear this.. i dont know either if i am actually saying it out in words or words are just all in my mind. every time this happens, the person i see and detect death to them has only a week to a month to live.. every time this happens.. i feel terrible that i cant do anything but to hear people telling me this person just died.. i dunno what i should do.. im afraid to tell the person involve that they are goin to die coz they might think im crazy or trying to throw a bad joke.. every time this people dies.. i feel all the guilt inside me, i feel i am the reason why they died.. i dont intentionally detect death, its not working.. yes i tried to intentionally tell to myself that person is goin to die sooner or later to test.. but no, it doesnt work that way..

i am feeling paranoid some times to look at people especially to my love one and on the mirror.. i am so scared that one day il detect death to those people i care and love.. i am scared that when i look at myself in the mirror.. i detect my own death.. makes me paranoid.. i wanted to cry this out loud, its so scary and i feel terrible.. i want to know how to “counter spell” it.. but i dunno any way..

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