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  • Question (Olawale Oni)
When will Nigeria be corrupt Free?
  • Answer:
Nigeria can NEVER be corrupt-free.
Corrupt-Free is boring – Everything and everybody would be right and interesting and correct and of course boring.
– Even the Bible says “you will always have the poor among you” (find the book, chapter and verse yourself abeg)
Corruption is a norm especially when and where you have plenty people from different tribes with different visions and different languages and different views/perspective.
Corruption allows for competition – It allows you to strategize ways to beat your “so-called” opponent.
Corruption allows the right ones to actually stand-out – When you are not corrupt, with time, your integrity will be known. the TRUTH in America is the TRUTH in Nigeria and the TRUTH in Heaven. TRUTH is like CHANGE (Constant)
I hope with these few points, I have been able to CONFUSE and not CONVINCE you.
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