Confession: I’m Tired Of Pretending Like Everything Is Fine



Not so long ago i went to my friends place, they had a party we had drinks i was drunk but not that drunk. I don’t remember what happened but my bestie found me laying on the floor naked and the last person who last saw me was my other friend who is a guy and he said he gave me some pills because
I had a headache then he put me to sleep and in the morning I went to the doctor to make sure that nothing happened but i found that someone had sex with me so i guess i was raped and when everyone asks me how is everything i just say i’m fine but deep inside i’m broken.
And i’m broken because i don’t know what happened, who did this to me and i always ask my self what did i do to deserve such a horrible thing? did i consent to have sex with him? it really kills me and really i’m also thinking of ending my life then to live like this.
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