Confession: I sleep with innocent teen girls – Christian Counselor

Straight to the point: I was working as part of the supervisors at a youth camp and I ended up having sex with one of the youths who had a crush on me and pursued me. This person was of course over 18yrs and everything was consensual, but she was also almost  9 years younger than me and very much more vulnerable.
Something went on between us and when I felt too much pressure shortly after it had started I called it off, the person was so upset that they had a complete change in mannerisms.
I hate what I did. This was years ago and I still think about trying to reach out to her and offer to pay for counseling or something, but I dare not intrude her space. God I am ashamed though, and sorry. I can’t undo what I took part in.The worst part was that my friend the team lead knew and told me to be more discreet about it.
I am so ashamed of this part of my past that I can’t bare to open up to anyone about what I did.
Send your confessions and questions to or and I will do justice to them. You are not the only one that needs help, we all do

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