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Question (Anonymous):

I read it somewhere on the net that Computer Science is quite different from Computer Engineering. Please can you give a distinction on the two, and state which is more lucrative in Nigeria.


Computer Science is very different from Computer Engineering:

Computer Science is the science of computer and that involves software e.g. Ms Office, Adobe, Windows, MAC, Linux, Ubuntu, Graphic Design packages, Music, Video Players, Database (ORACLE), Programming Languages, just to mention a few

Computer Engineering involves hardware only – e.g. Monitor, Cisco phones, Physical servers, CPUs, Keyboards, Replicators, Switches, Routers, just to mention a few.

Computer Scientists use what computer engineers build so without computer engineers, there wont be need for computer scientists.

Computer Scientists use mouse to click and keyboard to type and screen/monitor to view while computer engineers unscrew these equipment to either service or repair.

Computer Scientists need the computer to be ON to work while Computer Engineers make the computers come ON.

Computer scientists need computer engineers but computer engineers don’t need computer scientists.

With these above points, i would say there is no specific one (science or engineering) that has a preference in Nigeria cos they are both lucrative and important so go for the one you would never get bored of doing.

I actually coincidentally graduated from higher institution as a Computer Scientist too and by God’s grace, I am doing well.


Kindly add your own difference btwn comp sci and engineering in the comment space below and lets see the smart ones.

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    you have said it all na

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