Career Woman asks Teekay about dating an accountant… Teekay Answers


Question (Anonymous):

Is it bad to date someone who is also in the same line of work as you? I am an accountant, and I studied Economics in school. My Fiancé is also an Economics graduate and works as an Investment broker. Every time I tell someone about us, they have this surprised look on their faces that gets me worried. Is this a sign?


You don’t need anyone’s approval to be in a relationship as long as you are happy. What if she didn’t go to school at all, would you have been happy/angry?

Now she went to school and read what you read, don’t you think that actually means you 2 will always have something to say when you get back from work everyday and the other person would understand perfectly.

Plus when people think you are not going to make it is actually supposed to spur you to prove them wrong. It always seem impossible till it is done.

There is a sign everywhere, it only depends on where you are looking at and when you are looking at it.

This sign you talk about for me is actually a sign that you are on the right path.

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