Blac Chyna and son dressed like Rob Kardashian for halloween


Blac Chyna and her son King Cairo both dressed up as the reality star for the spooky holiday on Monday, putting on their best “Rob” attire and even going as far as acting like him.


Chyna took to Snapchat to share her take on her fiancé, wearing a black oversized t-shirt with black sweats and a Los Angeles Dodgers hat, topping the look off with a fake beard and all.

The model also posted a video, pretending to play Rob beside her friend who was dressed up like her. They faked being bombarded by paparazzi as Chyna impersonated Rob protecting her.


“I’m Rob Kardashian! Leave our family alone!” she yelled, as the person taking the video continued after her.

But she wasn’t the only one who decided to dress up as her soon-to-be hubby, her son, King, wanted to as well.


Chyna took to Instagram to share a video while making her son’s costume. Originally, the 4-year-old was supposed to dress up as a Ferrari man, but he changed his mind.

“King, are you sure you do not want to be the Ferrari man?” she asked, as he responded. “No!”

Chyna continued, “What do you want to be?” to which he answered, “Rob!”

Of course, Chyna couldn’t help but ask her son, “Why do you want to be Rob?” He adorably explained, “Because I like him! And I like his shoes!”

The outfit came together quite easily for the mama, who dressed her son in head-to-toe black with tattoo sleeves, an L.A. Dodgers hat and fake Gucci sandals.

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