Bestie Goals – Omawumi And Waje Vacation Abroad (Photos)

Popular singers turned best friends, Waje and Omawunmi shared photos from their vacation together.

The duo, have been together for over a decade and still waxing stronger than ever. They could be seen in the pictures having the fun of their life.

It would be recalled that Omawumi, spoke on their closeness last year during in interview.

She said;

We’ve been friends for like over a decade! Yes. Can you see how difficult it is…women being friends, can’t you see how difficult it is, I don lose weight based on how difficult…you are so difficult Waje. [General Laughter] In all seriousness it just boils down to taking away (Hisses) just understanding each other, I believe. The same emotions always comes up, its not like we too special that we are devoid of it…there are sometimes she feels like slapping me, there are sometimes I feel like hitting her…but you go see say if Waje touch me I don lose weight drastically [General laughter again] Waje get one born, if she blows you, you go just paralyse. It’s not always easy but we try to rise above it all the time and make the best of each other and we have a lot of things in common, you know…we pray a lot together, it helps.

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