9 Weed Hacks For Every Stoner

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1. Attach a magnet to your bong and never search for the lighter again.
One of the side effects of smoking marijuana is you often forget where you put things. This can become a problem when you’re looking for a lighter so you can smoke even more. You can buy tiny magnets from almost any store (Walmart, Target, etc.). It’s worth every penny!

2. Pop a mint in your mouth to put an end to your munchies.
“One does not simply avoid the munchies” is no longer the most accurate quote you have ever heard. Cannabis consumption lowers blood-sugar levels, thereby increasing your appetite. The feeling of hunger is otherwise temporary and fades within 1-2 hours. However, popping a mint can diminish the hunger sensation!

3. Smear a tiny drop of honey over a finished joint skin to keep it from burning too quickly.

The worst part about a joint is the speed in which it burns. Luckily for stoners around the world, the honey spliff is a real thing. ‘Honey spliff’ is when you roll a joint and coat it with a mixture of honey and freshly ground marijuana, preferably dank. You then put it on foil, put it on a oven tray, and then into an oven until the joint starts to brown for about five minutes. Pull it out and enjoy your ride! A honey sliff will usually burn at a slower rate, and it tastes much sweeter.

4. Put a CD over the bowl you’re packing to prevent any weed from spilling.
At some point in time, every stoner has looked for a way to prevent weed from spilling. Eventually, they just forgot what they were doing. Before you indulge, grab a CD you no longer listen to and place it over the bowl. You can now enjoy a spill-free environment.

5. If you don’t have a grinder on hand, put a penny in an empty pill bottle and shake.
One of the biggest problems stoners face on a daily basis is not having a grinder available. Now you no longer need one!

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