8 Vitamins and Supplements that will reduce or eradicate frequent illnes

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#7 Vitamin B

Vitamins and Supplements

Both Vitamin B6 and B12 are recognized as vital supplements for heart health. Vitamin B12, which is stored in the kidneys, liver and other body tissue, is also known as “the energy vitamin,” and it is thought to be important for bone health, although this factor is often overlooked.

In addition to risking bone fractures if you are vitamin B12 deficient, low levels of this important vitamin also lead to muscle weakness and loss of memory. Since it is found in animal products – raw milk, free-range chickens and eggs, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught Alaskan salmon – it is especially important for vegetarians and vegans to take vitamin B supplements. Taking vitamin B 12 helps with digestion, food absorption, fat and carbohydrate metabolism and other important functions.


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