7 Tasty Foods With More Protein Than a Chicken Breast

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Tired of munching chicken breast all the time? Here are 7 foods that contain more protein than what you have been eating.

Once in a while, when you get bored of chowing down on the same old bird, here are seven tasty food with more protein than a chicken breast, according to Prevention.
1. Shrimp
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Go for these satiating shellfish. Six ounces of raw shrimp (12 to 18 large shrimp) ring up at 144 calories and 34 g of protein, says Martha McKittrick, RD, a nutritionist in New York City and blogger at City Girl Bites. “It’s also a myth that you have to avoid shrimp if you have high cholesterol,” she says. Rather than bathed in butter, enjoy them dipped in cocktail sauce to keep calories low.

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