7 Gadget-saving Rules For Repairing Your Faulty Device at Computer Village

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There is no doubt that computer village in Ikeja Lagos is one of the best places to take your damaged or faulty device for repairs. However, there are so many shenanigans that happen there that if you are not careful your gadget will be further damaged or it will never return home with you.

Some people have had bitter experiences. You do not have to go through this just because you want to repair your computer, phone or camera.


These tips that will ensure that you return home with your gadget fully repaired.

Get a trusted and experienced engineerImage result wey dey for repairing device at computer village

Do not go to computer village and give your MacBook or iPhone to a random engineer. You don’t know if he is trustworthy or experienced. You should talk to your friends so that they can recommend a very reliable engineer for you.

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