5 reasons why you should leave that toxic relationship

Everyone wants a happily ever after but these days, relationships are much more complicated rather than easy going. Before going into a relationship, you should know what exactly it is that you want and what you deserve.

If how your partner acts contradicts what you deserve, you should do something about that relationship. Most times, people see signs of toxicity just before it gets deep but they choose to overlook. Overlooking shouldn’t be an option as there could be serious consequences.

It’s not easy to just walk away, but when a relationship turns toxic, get out of it. Here are 5 reasons why you should walk away from that toxic partner today for the safety of your sanity!

1. IT prevents personal growth

You begin to feel smaller as you think your opinions and feelings don’t matter and are not taken care of. This leads to little or no personal growth.

2. Toxic relationships are unhealthy

You begin to develop emotional and even physical illness. Even suicidal thoughts and actions that can be very harmful. Physical injury could also come about as your partner may turn abusive.

3. Walk away

If you’re letting go of a toxic relationship, you are unknowingly telling yourself and the world that you are ready for something better.

4. You could become toxic TOO

After experiencing a toxic relationship, you could even become toxic as you might unknowingly or knowingly be inflicting pain on someone who loves you. This might lead you to losing the ones you love that love you.

5. You deserve better.

Toxic relationships could leave you feeling worthless and helpless. You are none of that. Your toxic partner doesn’t deserve you and you should know that. Walking away from such partner is the first step to getting a healthy you and a healthier relationship. You are a beautiful human with a lot to offer. The world could use more of people like you.

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