3 Signs you are a Great Mom.. But a Lousy Wife

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Signs you are a Great Mom
– P.S. Your kids will benefit from this article, too. Every mom fears that she’s not doing enough for her children. But, in reality, a recent study by the University of Maryland found that moms actually spendtoo much time with their kids. And that, thanks to our fast-paced culture, the time we do spend together is usually strained and pressured.

It’s easy to get caught up in being the perfect mother and lose sight of the importance of spending time with the person you started this life with, your husband.

In today’s world, mothers juggle more commitments with work, family time, and social engagements. As a result, husbands feel more left out than ever before. In a poll of 2,000 husbands, nearly 50 percent admitted that they resent the relationship between their wives and their kids.

The bottom line is — you need to be aware that every time you say “Yes” to your kids, you’re essentially saying “No” to your husband. 

Not sure if you’re role as mom trumps your role as wife? Here are three signs it definitely does:

1. You encourage your kids to try out for multiple extra curricular activities.Image result wey dey for GOOD MOM BAD WIFE

Encouraging your kids to try out for various activities is a great … and it’s a HUGE time suck. You must limit how many activities your kids can sign up for at a time.

The lack of limits in this area ends up grooming your kids for a life of feeling overwhelmed and thinking that being over-scheduled is normal. And I know that’s not the example you want to set.

At the end of the day, if you’re out shuttling kiddos from one activity to another, it’s impossible for you to sit down at home with your partner and connect. The solution is simple, commit to letting each of your kids pick one activity at a time, so that you can hang up your chauffeur hat and stay home more to snuggle up to your hubby.

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