3 Dating Tips For Every Shy Guy

To those shy guy who want to find love in 2020, finding her attractive is one thing, having the courage to walk up to her is another.

Most guys who are known to keep their heads low and who tend to speak less or have timid character often find it difficult to ask a lady out.

While most lady usually likes the courageous guy, these sets of nigga’s just can’t swallow their fears to talk to that lady they love or like, subject to their shy personality.

But in the matters of the heart most times, until you are able to have that woman who keeps up at night, you might not be able to have a decent night rest.

For the timid guys, who are drawn back from dating because of their fears and shyness, below are sure tips that would help you out.

1. Don’t over-act as Mr Nice

Oftentimes the tension and anxiety of facing someone and meeting them for the first time can make you want to create that perfect, everything must go well atmosphere.

Though, nothing stops you from having a flawless, perfect date with someone you’ve been wanting to hook up but overacting your Mr Nice script can ruin it all.

She would notice your lack of confidence in yourself and detect that you’re trying to look too perfect for her.

Ladies are most times irritated by this attitude and might tend to withdraw themselves because they often want to know the annoying side of their man, to help determine if they would agree or disagree to have a romantic relationship with you.

2. Don’t try to impress her with another person’s personality.

You might have overheard her making statements about a character or personality that she likes guys to display, if you are not that kind of guy, don’t try to impress her by playing that character. Be you without reservation and you’ll win her if she’s yours.

3. Move with confident friends

Your association often determine your attitude. If you’re timid, try hanging around friends with great confidence, you’re likely to attract their kind of confidence.

Whoever that lady is that you want to have, take your time to know her then follow the steps above and you’ll surely win her love.


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