Manipulation is not negative

  • Influencing is changing someone’s behavior or mind
  • Manipulation is intentionally influencing

When you hear the word manipulation, you may immediately think of negative things. Please don’t.

Manipulation is not bad. People with bad intentions are bad.


Example 1: Manipulative sneaky person

Bad people are bad. Bad people who manipulate are problematic. An example of this:

  • Mean Girl wants to reduce the social standing of Sweet Classmate
  • She tells the other classmate this person did something horrible
  • The class likes Sweet Classmate less
  • Sweet Classmate feels sad now

Example 2: Friendly manipulation

Manipulation can make everyone in a situation better off.

  • Party Person is an experienced manipulator
  • Party Person bumps into another person
  • Party Person smiles disarmingly and apologizes, even though the other person was wrong
  • Party Person doesn’t get into a fight and has a great night

The problem with the Mean Girl example is not the manipulation, the problem is bad intentions and lying.

My request: Have good intentions

I’m assuming you will use these tricks with good intentions. Please do so.