5 Loveable Jenifa’s Diary Characters



These days, only a few things are more entertaining than Jenifa’s Diary. The Nigerian comedy series has become an item in about every household. Watching the comedy thriller whose concept is drawn from the very successful movie, Jenifa, has become a tradition of Nigerian youths and young at heart. In small and large gatherings, at homes, schools, social gatherings, even at offices, fans comes together to talk about the funny scenes and many skits of the series.


There are many features of Jenifa’s Diary that endears it to fans but one unique feature of the series is the very impressive choice of characters. Most of the characters in Jenifa’s Diary have this likable and hard-to-ignore quirk that their acts are increasingly influencing our chat trends. Now people use, how is you?, worefa, the two both of you and the likes in informal chats. Jenifa’s Diary has indeed become the cynosure and here are some of the characters that make the series enjoyable:

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